Youth Accounts

Monty Moose Club


  • Eligible for credit union membership.
  • For ages 12 and under.
  • Minimum $25 balance.



  • Each deposit is rewarded with “Monty Moose Bucks” which can be saved and redeemed for toys or store Gift Cards. $5 deposited earns 1 Moose buck; $10 deposited earns 2 Moose bucks, $15 deposited earns 3 Moose bucks, $20 deposited earns 4 bucks and $25 deposited earns 5 Moose bucks. There is a 5 Moose buck limit per deposit.
    Dollars DepositedMonty Moose Bucks Earned
    $1 - $4 0
    $10 - $142
    $15 - $193
    $20 - $244
    $25 + 5
  • For added fun, special events and activities for youth savers are planned throughout the year, such as newsletters, Santa and Easter Bunny visits, drawings, coloring contests, Youth Week and donating to community causes.
  • Earns dividends.
  • Early start to establishing good savings habits.
  • All “Monty Moose” club members can come in on their birthday to pick up extra “Moose Bucks”.


EFFECTIVE 01/01/2018 Monty Moose Members must be present to receive “Moose Bucks” and to purchase from the Monty Moose Store.


Account TypeDividend RateAPY*Min. Opening Deposit**
Monty Moose Accounts0.075%0.075%$25

Effective 5/9/2012
*Annual Percentage Yield
**Minimum Opening balance / Minimum required balance to earn APY
Rates subject to change after account opening at any time without notice.